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Education Board, Southern Regional

General Information

592 Tenth St., N.W.Atlanta, GA 30318-5776


Office Office Holder Represents / Term Ends
Board Member(s) Kendall Baker Superintendent, San Antonio Independent School District, 06-30-2023
Harrison Keller, Ph.D. Commissioner of Higher Education, 06-30-2021
Mike Morath Commissioner of Education, 2026
Sen. Larry Taylor State Senator, 06-30-2024
Ex Officio Member The Honorable Greg Abbott Governor of Texas


Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
President Stephen L. Pruitt (404) 875-9211


**Members - Governor of each of the 16 participating states and four citizens of each state (one of whom must be a legislator and one an educator) who are appointed by the governor for four-year staggered terms.