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Judicial Conduct, State Commission on*

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13 Members - Term: 6 Years

General Information

Agency #: 242 300 West 15th St.P.O. Box 12265Austin 78711-2265


Office Office Holder Represents / Term Ends
Chair The Honorable Gary L. Steel Appointed by the Texas Supreme Court, District Court Judge, 11-19-2029
Vice Chair The Honorable Ken Wise Appointed by the Texas Supreme Court, Court of Appeals Justice, 11-19-2025
Secretary The Honorable Carey F. Walker Appointed by the Texas Supreme Court, County Court at Law Judge, 11-19-2027
Judicial Member(s) The Honorable Chace A. Craig Appointed by the Texas Supreme Court, Municipal Court Judge, 11-19-2027
The Honorable Wayne Money Appointed by the Texas Supreme Court, Justice of the Peace, 11-19-2027
The Honorable Tano E. Tijerina Appointed by the Texas Supreme Court, Constitutional County Judge, 11-19-2029
Public Member(s) The Honorable Derek M. Cohen Appointed by the Governor, 11-19-2029
The Honorable Cliff Harbin Appointed by the Governor, 11-19-2023
The Honorable Janis Holt Appointed by the Governor, 11-19-2025
The Honorable Andrew M "Andy" Kahan Appointed by the Governor, 11-29-2027
The Honorable Kathy Ward Appointed by the Governor, 11-19-2027
Attorney Member(s) The Honorable Sylvia Borunda Firth Appointed by the State Bar of Texas, 11-19-2029
The Honorable Clifton Roberson Appointed by the State Bar of Texas, 11-19-2025


Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
Executive Director Jacqueline Habersham (512) 463-5533 / (512) 463-0511
General Counsel Zindia Thomas (512) 463-5533
Senior Commission Counsel Lorin Hayes
Senior Investigator Katherine Mitchell
Investigator Elizabeth Trevino
Investigator Crystal Lopez
Investigator Cherie Thomas
Staff Services Officer Patricia Leal
Administrative Assistant Connie Paredes
Administrative Assistant Patricia Leal


The Texas Constitution establishes the Commission on Judicial Conduct as a 13 member body. Its members, who receive no pay for their service, serve six-year terms. The members of the Commission include:

Six judges appointed by the Supreme Court of Texas, one from each of the following court levels: appellate, district, county court at law, constitutional county, justice of the peace, and municipal;
Two attorneys appointed by the State Bar of Texas, who are not judges; and
Five citizen members appointed by the Governor, who are neither attorneys nor judges.
All appointments are from varying appellate districts of the state, except that the citizen members, justice of the peace and judge of the municipal court are selected at large. The Texas Senate confirms all appointees.

* Subject to the Texas Sunset Act; will be reviewed in 2029.