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Parks and Wildlife Commission, Texas*

9 Members - Term: 6 Years

General Information

Agency #: 802 4200 Smith School RoadAustin, TX 78744


Office Office Holder Hometown / Term Ends
Chair Jeffery D. Hildebrand Houston, 02-01-2025
Vice Chair Richard "Dick" Scott Wimberley, 02-01-2029
Commissioner(s) James Abell Tyler, 02-01-2025
Oliver J. Bell Houston, 02-01-2029
William "Leslie" Doggett Houston, 02-01-2029
Paul Foster El Paso, 02-01-2027
Anna Benavides Galo Laredo, 02-01-2027
Bobby Patton Fort Worth, 02-01-2025
Blake Rowling Dallas, 02-01-2027
Chairman-Emeritus(s) Lee Marshall Bass Fort Worth
T. Dan Friedkin Houston


Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
Executive Director David Yoskowitz, Ph.D. (512) 389-4802
Executive Asst. to the Director Dee Halliburton (512) 389-4802 / (512) 389-4814
Chief Operating Officer Craig Bonds (512) 389-8558
General Counsel James Murphy (512) 389-8877
Chief of Staff Allyson Winney (512) 389-4530
Intergovernmental Affairs David Eichler (512) 463-0840
Chief Financial Officer Reggie Pegues (512) 389-4803
Director of Coastal Fisheries Robin Riechers (512) 389-4636
Director of Inland Fisheries Craig Bonds (512) 389-4643
Director of Communication Mischelle Diaz (512) 389-4557
Director of Human Resources Patty David (512) 389-4808
Interim Director of Information Technology Jamie McClanahan (512) 389-8066
Director of Infrastructure Andrea Lofye (512) 389-4741
Law Enforcement Director Colonel Chad Jones (512) 389-4499
Director of State Parks Rodney Franklin (512) 389-4866
Director of Wildlife John Silovsky (512) 389-8092
Director of Support Resources Scott Stover (512) 389-4849
Chief Diversity & Inclusion David Buggs (512) 389-8595
Internal Audit Brandy Meeks (512) 389-4422


The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) is the State’s lead agency in protecting Texas’ fish and wildlife resources and providing outdoor recreation. The agency’s main goals include:

• improving access to the outdoors;

• preserving, conserving, managing, operating, and promoting agency sites for recreational opportunities, biodiversity, and cultural heritage;

• assisting landowners in managing land for wildlife habitat;

• increasing participation and enhancing the quality of hunting, fishing, boating, and outdoor recreation; and

• maintaining or improving water quality and quantity to support the needs of fish, wildlife, and recreation.

* Subject to the Texas Sunset Act; will be reviewed in 2033.