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Forensic Science Commission

9 Members - Term: 2 Years

General Information

1700 North Congress Avenue, Suite 445Austin, TX 78701


Office Office Holder Hometown / Term Ends
Chair Jeffrey J. Barnard, M.D. Dallas, 09-01-2025
Board Member(s) Patrick Buzzini, Ph.D. Spring, 09-01-2024
Michael Coble, Ph.D. Fort Worth, 09-01-2024
Mark Daniel, J.D. Fort Worth, 09-01-2025
Nancy Downing, Ph.D. Bryan, 09-01-2024
Jasmine Drake, Ph.D. Houston, 09-01-2024
Sarah Kerrigan, Ph.D. The Woodlands, 09-01-2025
The Honorable Jarvis Parsons, J.D. Bryan, 09-01-2029
Erika Ziemak Aledo, 09-01-2025


Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
General Counsel Lynn M. Robitaille Garcia (512) 936-0770
Associate General Counsel Leigh M. Tomlin (512) 936-0661
Senior Staff Attorney Robert Smith (512) 463-1521


The commission provides oversight over Texas crime laboratories and other entities conducting forensic analyses for use in criminal proceedings and provides an accreditation mandate responsible for establishing procedures, policies, and practices to improve the quality of forensic analyses conducted in Texas.