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Texas Military Preparedness Commission (TMPC)*

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13 Members - Terms at the pleasure of the governor; 3 Ex Officio Members

General Information

Office of the GovernorP.O. Box 12428Austin, TX 78711


Office Office Holder Hometown / Term Ends
Chair Major General Kevin Pottinger Keller, 02-01-2027
Commissioner(s) Patrick Akuna Killeen, 02-01-2025
Carol Ann Bonds Ph.D. San Angelo, 02-01-2025
Garry Bradford Corpus Christi, 02-01-2025
Darrell Coleman Wichita Falls, 02-01-2025
Tom Duncavage League City, 02-01-2023
Woody Gilliland Abilene, 02-01-2023
Dennis L. Lewis Texarkana, 02-01-2027
Kenneth Sheets Mesquite, 02-01-2027
Annie L. Sobel, M.D. Lubbock, 02-01-2023
Shannalea Taylor Del Rio, 02-01-2027
A. F. "Tom" Thomas El Paso, 02-01-2023
James Whitmore New Braunfels, 02-01-2023
Ex Officio Member(s) Sen. Donna Campbell, M.D. New Braunfels
Rep. Dan Flynn Van
Major General Tracy R. Norris Austin


Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
Executive Director B. Keith Graf (512) 475-1475 / (512) 936-0080
Program Manager Alexandra Taylor (512) 475-1475 / (512) 936-0080


Established in 2003 by the 78th Texas Legislature, the Texas Military Preparedness Commissionís (TMPC) goal is to preserve, protect, expand, and attract new military missions, assets, and installations. Additionally, the TMPC encourages defense-related businesses to expand or relocate in Texas.

* Subject to the Texas Sunset Act; will be reviewed in 2027.