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Red River Authority of Texas*

9 Members - Term: 6 Years

General Information

Agency #: 595 3000 Hammon RoadP.O. Box 240Wichita Falls, TX 76307-0240


Office Office Holder Hometown / Term Ends
President Todd Boykin Amarillo, 08-11-2027
Vice President Jerry Bob Daniel Truscott, 08-11-2027
Secretary/Treasurer Mike Sandefur Texarkana, 08-11-2023
Assistant Secretary Stephen A. Thornhill Denison, 08-11-2025
Board Member(s) Mary Lou Bradley Memphis, 08-11-2025
Jerry Dan Davis Wellington, 08-11-2023
Conrad Masterson Cee Vee, 08-11-2027
Joe L. Ward Telephone, 08-11-2023
Vacant --


Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
General Manager Randall W. Whiteman (940) 723-8697


The Red River Authority of Texas has broad authority of conservation, reclamation, protection, and development of the water resources throughout the Red River Basin in Texas for the benefit of the public. The territorial jurisdiction of the Red River Basin in Texas is all or parts of 43 counties.

* Subject to the Texas Sunset Act; will be reviewed in 2031.