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Demographic Center, Texas

General Information

Agency #: 743 1700 N. Congress Ave., Suite 220WP.O. Box 13455Austin, TX 78711


Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
State Demographer Lloyd Potter, Ph.D (210) 458-6543
Legislative and State Agency Liaison Monica Cruz, Ph.D. (210) 458-6543


The position of State Demographer was created during the 77th Texas Legislative Session in 2001 by Senate Bill 656. The State Demographer’s responsibilities under this legislation include:
Dissemination of demographic and related socioeconomic data to the public, with emphasis on data that may be useful to public policymakers;
Provision of annual population estimates for the state, all counties, and all municipalities in the state;
Provision of biennial population projections for the state and all counties of the state;
Provision of information to the legislature relating to the impact that demographic and socioeconomic changes in the population of the state have on the demand for state services;
Evaluation of the type and quality of data needed to: adequately monitor demographic and socioeconomic changes in the population of the state; and to assess the effectiveness of delivery of state services;
The Texas Demographic Center (previously the Texas State Data Center) was initiated in 1980 to establish a state level liaison to the U.S. Census Bureau for better dissemination of Texas census data. In the mid-1980s, the Texas Population Estimates and Projections Program was established with the overall objective of providing annual estimates of the population of Texas counties and places and biennial projections of the population of the state and counties.