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Court Administration, State Office of

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General Information

Agency #: 212 Tom C. Clark State Courts Bldg.205 W. 14th, 6th Floor, P.O. Box 12066Austin 78711-2066


Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
Administrative Director Megan LaVoie (512) 463-1682
Executive Assistant Kelly Thibodeau (512) 936-7554
Director of Public Affairs/Special Counsel Megan LaVoie (512) 463-1627
General Counsel Mena Ramon (512) 463-1682
Assistant General Counsel Scott Gibson (512) 463-1461
Chief Financial Officer Jennifer Henry (512) 463-8872
Deputy Chief Financial Officer Carol Harper (512) 463-1631
Human Resources Officer Charlotte Miller (512) 936-1611
Director, Information Services Casey Kennedy (512) 463-1603
Deputy Director, Information Services Susan Chamberlain (512) 463-8109
Director, Research and Court Services Jeffrey Tsunekawa (512) 463-1629
Chief Data Officer Angela Garcia (512) 936-1358 / (512) 463-1865
Court Services Deputy Director Alejandra Pena
Certification Division Director Jeff Rinard (512) 463-9750


The Office of Court Administration (OCA) is a unique state agency in the Judicial Branch that operates under the direction and supervision of the Supreme Court of Texas and the Chief Justice.

Our mission is to provide resources and information for the efficient administration of the Judicial Branch of Texas.