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Texas Council on Cardiovascular Disease & Stroke

General Information

MC 1945PO Box 149347Austin, TX 78714-9347


Office Office Holder Represents / Term Ends
Chair J. Neal Rutledge M.D. Licensed Physician in Stroke
Board Member(s) Janet Hall, RD, LD Licensed Dietitian
Michael M. Hawkins M.D. ConsumerMember
Bob C. Hillert, M.D. Licensed Physician in Cardiology
Sherron D. Meeks Registered Nurse
Shilpa Shamapant Consumer member
Harry "Kyle" Sheets, M.D. Licensed Physician in Primary Care
E’Loria Simon-Campbell, PhD Public Health, Policy, Research, Practice Member
Maricella Gonzalez "Marcie" Wilson Public Health, Policy and Research
Public Member(s) Vanessa Hicks-Callaway Public Member
Suzanne Hildebrand Public Member
Ex Officio Member(s) Chelsea Couch Texercise Program Coordinator, Health and Human Services Commission
Manda Hall, M.D. Associate Commissioner, Community Health Improvement Division, Department of State Health Services


This council is tasked to develops a plan to reduce the morbidity, mortality, economic burden of cardiovascular disease and stroke in Texas. Conducts health education, public awareness, and community outreach. Coordinates activities among agencies to improve access to treatment. Develops a database of recommendations for treatment and care. Collects and analyzes information related to cardiovascular disease and stroke.