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Prepaid Higher Education Tuition Board*

General Information


Office Office Holder Hometown / Term Ends
Board Member(s) Michele Purgason Arlington, 02-01-2023
Ben Streusand Spring
Judy Treviño San Antonio, 02-01-2021
Javier Villalobos McAllen, 02-01-2023
Jarrod Winkcompleck Austin, 02-01-2023
Deborah Zuloaga El Paso, 02-01-2019


The board oversees the Texas Tuition Promise Fund and the Texas College Savings Plan.
The Prepaid Higher Education Tuition Board (Board) helps Texans save for college through two programs, a Prepaid Plan that locks in future college tuition and fees at today’s prices, and a Savings Plan that allows individuals to invest money for college expenses.

* Subject to the Texas Sunset Act; will be reviewed in 2033.