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Texas Space Commission

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9 Members

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Director(s) Nancy Currie-Gregg, Ph.D.
Sarah Ann "Sassie" Duggleby
Gwen Griffin
Evan Loomis
Kathy Lueders
Brad Morrison
John Shannon
Kirk Shireman
Heather Wilson, Ph.D.


Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
Executive Director Norman "Roy" Garza Jr.


HB 3447 creates two entities: The Texas Space Commission and the Aerospace Research and Space Economy Consortium. Each of these entities has its own board of directors or executive committee and will serve different functions.

The Texas Space Commission, governed by a nine-member board, has the authority for the following activities:

Providing financial services to facilitate aerospace development and infrastructure activities in the state of Texas.
Managing and executing intergovernmental agreements with local and federal entities as well as nonprofit and higher education organizations.
Working with the Aerospace and Space Economy Consortium to plan and implement educational opportunities in the state of Texas.
Strategic planning that includes developing a list of projects in the state that furthers the commissionís goal of promoting space-related economic development.
Making grants to eligible institutions from the Space Exploration and Aeronautics Research Fund