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Gulf Coast Authority

9 Members - Term: 2 Years

General Information

910 Bay Area Blvd.Houston, TX 77058


Office Office Holder Represents / Term Ends
Chair Franklin D. R. Jones, Jr. Harris County Commissioners Court Appointee, 08-31-2023
Vice Chair Kevin Scott Galveston County Governorís Appointee, 08-31-2024
Secretary Billy J. Enochs Galveston County Mayors Council Appointee, 08-31-2021
Treasurer Mark Schultz Chambers County Commissioners Court Appointee, 08-31-2016
Board Member(s) Amber Marie Batson Harris County - Governorís Appointee, 08-31-2025
Stephanie Farner Chambers County Mayorsí Appointee, 08-31-2024
Lamont E. Meaux Chambers County Governorís Appointee, 08-31-2024
Jackie Peden Galveston County Commissioners Court Appointee, 08-31-2024
Robert Swanson Harris County Mayor's Appointee, 08-31-2024


Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
CEO and General Manager Elizabeth Fazio Hale (281) 488-4115 / (281) 488-3331


The Gulf Coast Authority has the authority to provide water systems and control water pollution and waste disposal within the district. In addition, they shall conduct studies and research on the control of water pollution and waste disposal within the district.