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Workforce Investment Council, Texas*

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19 Members - Term: 6 Years

General Information

1100 San Jacinto, Suite 1.100Austin, TX 78701


Office Office Holder Represents / Term Ends
Chair Mark Dunn Business and Industry, 09-01-2025
Board Member(s) Gina Aguirre Adams Business and Industry, 09-01-2021
Joe W. Arnold Education, 09-01-2021
Jesse Cecil Gatewood Organized Labor, 09-01-2023
Lindsey Geeslin Organized Labor, 09-01-2023
Lauren Gore Business and Industry, 09-01-2025
Thomas Halbouty Business and Industry, 09-01-2025
Michael Hinojosa, Ed.D. Education, 09-01-2023
John Martin Organized Labor, 09-01-2023
Wayne Oswald Business and Industry, 09-01-2023
Paul Puente Organized Labor, 09-01-2023
Richard "Rick" Rhodes Community-Based Organization, 09-01-2023
Richard Rhodes, Ph.D. Education, 09-01-2025
Brandon Willis Organized Labor, 09-01-2025
Ex Officio Member(s) Adriana Cruz Executive Director, Economic Development and Tourism
Harrison Keller, Ph.D. Commissioner, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Mike Morath Commissioner, Texas Education Agency
Edward Serna Texas Workforce Commission
Position Vacant Health and Human Services Commission


Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
Director Lee Rector (512) 936-8102
Deputy Director Raul Ortiz (512) 936-8103
Executive Assistant Rita McBride (512) 936-8100
Editor Leslie McCormick (512) 936-8105
Program Specialist Position Vacant (512) 475-3437
Program Specialist Kaki Leyens (512) 936-8108
Program Specialist Anne Dorsey (512) 936-8106
Program Specialist Charlene Hamilton (512) 936-8110
Research Specialist David Mass (512) 936-8111
Research Specialist Rafael Gonzalez (512) 936-8109
Staff Services Officer Stephanie Vasquez (512) 936-8113


The Council engages in a collaborative, systematic view of workforce development programs throughout the state and provides for planning, evaluation, research, and other functions related to 19 workforce programs.

The Council is composed of 19 members. The Governor appoints 14 members representing business and industry, organized labor, education, and community-based organizations. The remaining five members are ex-officio representatives from the Council's member state agencies.

* Subject to the Texas Sunset Act; will be reviewed in 2027.