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Criminal Justice, Texas Board of

9 Members - Term: 6 Years

General Information

Agency #: 696 209 West 14th Street, Suite 500Price Daniel Bldg., P.O. Box 13084Austin, TX 78711-3084


Office Office Holder Hometown / Term Ends
Chair Patrick L. O’Daniel Austin, 02-01-2023
Vice Chair Derrelynn Perryman Fort Worth, 02-01-2027
Secretary Larry Miles Amarillo, 02-01-2023
Board Member(s) Rodney Burrow, M.D. Pittsburgh, 02-01-2027
E. F. "Mano" DeAyala Houston, 02-01-2023
Molly Francis Dallas, 02-01-2025
Faith Johnson Dallas, 02-01-2025
Eric Nichols Austin, 02-01-2027
Sichan Siv San Antonio, 02-01-2025


The board provides confinement, supervision, rehabilitation, and reintegration of the state’s convicted felons.