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Ethics Commission, Texas*

8 Members - Term: 4 Years

General Information

Agency #: 356 201 East 14th St., 10th FloorP.O. Box 12070Austin 78711-2070


Office Office Holder Hometown / Term Ends
Chair Randall H. Erben Austin, 11-19-2021
Vice Chair Chris Flood Houston, 11-19-2019
Commissioner(s) Chad M. Craycraft Dallas, 11-19-2023
Mary K. "Katie" Kennedy Houston, 11-19-2023
Patrick E. Mizell Houston, 11-19-2021
Richard S. Schmidt Corpus Christi, 11-19-2021
Joseph O. Slovacek Houston, 11-19-2021
Steven D. Wolens Dallas, 11-11-2019


Office Office Holder Phone / Fax
Executive Director J.R. Johnson (512) 463-5800
General Counsel James Tinley (512) 463-5800
Director of Enforcement Nicholas Espinosa (512) 463-5800
Director of Disclosure Filings David Guilianelli
Director of Computer Services Jessie Haug (512) 463-5800
CFO/Director of Administration Cristina Hernandez (512) 463-5784


The Texas Ethics Commission has eight commissioners. Four of the commissioners are appointed by the Governor, two are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor, and two are appointed by the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives. Members of the Texas Senate and the Texas House of Representatives who represent each political party submit lists of nominees to the appropriate state official for appointment. The commissioners serve for four-year terms.

The commission is responsible for administering and enforcing laws concerning political contributions and expenditures, political advertising, lobbyist activities and the conduct of state officers and employees.

* Subject to the Texas Sunset Act; will be reviewed in 2025.