Cities > Albany

General Information

Counties: Shackelford  
Population: 1,942
Primary Zip Code: 76430

  425 South 2nd St.
  P.O. Box 3248
  Albany, TX 76430-0595
(325) 762-3133
(325) 762-3849
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Office Office Holder (325) Phone / Fax
Mayor Rodney Alexander
Alderman Lester Galbreath
Alderman Susan Montgomery
Alderman Don Taggart
Alderman Joe Tidwell
Alderman Carolyn Waller
City Manager Billy Holson
City Secretary Becky Wiloth
City Attorney William "Pat" Chesser (325) 646-1895 / (325) 643-9976
Chief of Police Mike House
Fire Chief Kyle Tischler