Craig Kelso

Last modified on: 09-20-2022 14:08:03

Director, State & Local Records Management
(Library and Archives Commission, Texas State)

General Information

Personal Information

Career highlights and education: I've worked in records management for 18 years. I was promoted to Director of the State Records Program in Missouri after seven years as an analyst. In 2012 I moved to Texas and now lead a division whose principal role is to provide support services to Texas state agencies and local governments in their efforts to comply with state records management laws. I have lead efforts to transition two microfilm operations to incorporate digital scanning services, upgraded records tracking software in two records centers, combined two records annexes into one larger facility and help coordinate an annual electronic records conference. I have a History degree from Missouri State University, and a MA in Public History and MBA from West Virginia University.

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(512) 463-5534
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