Tabatha Vasquez

Last modified on: 07-02-2024 15:14:32

Senior Adviso for Budget and Policy
(Governor's Office)

General Information

Personal Information

7/2/24:Tabatha Vasquez has been promoted to Senior Advisor for Budget and Policy. Vasquez previously served as the Governorís Policy Director and Deputy Budget and Policy Director. She has held various positions within the Texas Legislature, including Chief of Staff in the House, Legislative Director, and Sunset Committee Director for Senator Brian Birdwell. Prior to her state service, she consulted and managed dozens of campaigns for candidates at all levels of government, both in Texas and across the country. Vasquez attended Mars Hill University, where she majored in sociology and criminal justice, minored in business, and played Division II Womenís Soccer. Vasquez is succeeding Sarah Hicks, who will be departing the Office of the Governor later this month. The Governor also thanked Sarah Hicks for her unwavering service to the state of Texas for the past seven years.

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(512) 463-1762
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