Lawrence "Larry" Long

Last modified on: 03-16-2023 19:20:34

Board Member
(Public Safety, Texas Department of)

Entered Office: 02-17-2023 Term Ends: 02-01-2028

General Information

Home Town: Dallas

Personal Information

Larry Long of Dallas is owner and managing member of L2JL Capital, LLC, and has a real estate license with the Texas Real Estate Commission. Additionally, he is former president and chief executive officer of Texas Wall Systems, Inc. He is a member of the Texas Facilities Commission and former member of the Finance Commission of Texas. Additionally, he is a former chairman and member of the American Diabetes Association Board of Directors, member of the Seed of Effect Board of Advisors, president of Oldcastle Building Envelope, and treasurer of the Turtle Creek Association. Larry and his wife Jana attend Dallas Bible Church in Dallas Texas. Long received a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Southern Methodist University.