Conrad J. Masterson, Jr.

Last modified on: 02-07-2022 14:28:28

Vice President
(Red River Authority of Texas)

Entered Office: 10-26-2021 Term Ends: 08-11-2027

General Information

Home Town: Cee Vee

Personal Information

Conrad Masterson of Cee Vee is a retired technology executive and investor. He was previously the Founder and CEO of Nanotechnology Foundation of Texas, CEO of Commerciant, Vice President of Houston Technology Center, and managing director of ROI Group. He previously served as President of the Technology Executives Roundtable and a member of the Institute of Management Consulting. He was with Ford Motor Company in his early career, where he held management positions in corporate finance and systems. Masterson received a Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration from The University of Oklahoma.