Brian England

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City Attorney

General Information

Personal Information

Brian England is the City Attorney for Garland, Texas. Brian was the First Assistant City Attorney for three years and Deputy City Attorney for five years. Brian holds a law degree from Southern Methodist University and both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degree in Religion from Abilene Christian University. Brian is a long-term City of Garland employee, starting his career as a Garland Police Officer in 1993.

Contact and Phone Numbers

P.O. Box 469002
Garland, TX 75046-9002
(972) 205-2380
(972) 205-2389
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General Contact for Garland
  200 N. 5th Street
  P.O. Box 469002
  Garland, TX 75046-9002
(972) 205-2404
(972) 205-2504
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