David Landis

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City Manager

General Information

Home Town: Perryton

Personal Information

David Landis of Perryton is City Manager for the City of Perryton. He is a member and past president of the Texas City Management Association. Additionally, he is secretary of the Panhandle Water Planning Group, member of the Perryton Rotary Club, and a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Landis received a Bachelor of Science from New Mexico State University. Reappointed to TMRS 5/17/22.

Contact and Phone Numbers

(806) 435-4014 x202
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General Contact for Perryton
  P.O. Box 849
  Perryton, TX 79070-0849
(806) 435-4014
(806) 435-2490
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Other Offices Held

Trustee (Municipal Retirement System, Texas)